9 January 2012

So here at H&B headquarters we have all been working hard on keeping our new years resolutions. Bear has been his usual amusing self, having stated that he is going to, "Stream line his body and focus he's mind" with a new yoga plan, he has spent most this week leaping around exercising in my head, and on top of that he's taken up jogging!

All I need! A great big Bear thumping about in my brain, when I have lots of other things I'am trying very hard to concentrate on... I think if I'm honest... he's attention seeking! 
As far as my own resolution goes. Well I'm working on focusing on the 'Important Things' and not getting lost along the way! (which can be a tricky task) Last year was an amazing year of meeting and working with some great and extraordinarily talented people, and I'am really looking forward to the projects planned for this year! 

I hope you are all having a good start to the year and sticking to your resolutions? 

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Thanks for following! 
Danni x