17 April 2012

My mini-zine

So I posted a few sneeky pictures of the mock mini-zine on facebook and twitter, but I have now... finally... put together the complete mini-zine '10 facts about Dragons'. It's my first ever mini-zine, and boy! have I loved writing, illustrating and making it!!! 

Whats a mini-zine? A 'small' hand produced publication. Here's a few photos of mine...

'10 facts about Dragons', measures 140mm x 100mm (A6), it is 24 pages (6 sheets) of 200 gsm paper, stapled together in a landscape format. It comes in a cello bag and is signed by me on the back. 
It has 11 colour illustrations and stars Sophie and Leonard (the dragon).

It is now available to purchase either from me, email: dannibradford@live.co.uk or go to the shop on my facebook page.