12 August 2012


This week at HQ it's been all about my other obsession... that be surfing! 
As my new surfboard is being lovingly hand made for me, I've been working on logos and designs for the lady making the board. 
So the final design/logo that was picked, has been based on a milling wheel, As Ellie's surname is Miller.

 I have now produced this as a screen print...


This was then given to Ellie and she used fiberglass and resin to place the design on my new board...

The design on the board...

You can see some of the other logos and designs I have produced for Ellie and her surfboards on the 'Miller surfboards' photo album on my 
facebook page or you can follow Ellie's new blog... http://thehandcraftedboard.blogspot.co.uk

I will post some photo's of the finished board and design soon, as its very close to being complete!

Boy... I'am soooooo excited!!!!