26 January 2013

New work...

I've recently been taking a little break from my 'illustration' work to focus on a collection of canvas study's. Sometimes with my artwork I find I need to let go a little, it helps me focus better on my day to day observations and work load. The piece I've been working on is something that's been playing around in my mind for quite sometime, I've had several dreams and sleepless nights about the work. In fact its been quite obsessive!

At 150cm x 50cm the painting is a very encompassing piece of work, swallowing up your vision. I worked on an element of ambiguity in the painting, so the person viewing makes up their own interpretation of the view... I've actually found the piece very evocative. It's been hanging now for a few days on my studio wall, the dark, dominating horizontal focus I've placed exactly at eye level, which gives the painting an amazing 'pull' almost dragging you in! The few people I've had stand in front of the painting, I've asked to tell me where they feel or think they are standing?  

(click on the work to view large)

 I know where I'am... Where are you?  

I feel my obsession is not quite over yet! 


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