19 November 2013

These last few weeks I've been pretty busy here in HQ getting some new pieces together and I'm pretty pleased with some of the new techniques and effects I've been achieving with the work... 

This piece is called 'The Cormorant' 
It has been produced in layers and then montaged together, the cormorant itself is an drawn in Indian ink the background is painted in acrylic, creating a texture on which to montage, each small silver fish has been individually cut from tin foil...

In this next unfinished piece and as yet un-named piece, the background is again acrylic, with paper cut figures and lampshade, then I've used a screen print shadow design to create snowflakes, which I've changed the opacity of to create depth...

If you would like to follow the work in progress, the best place is on my facebook page

What do you think? 


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