13 February 2012

 Bear Sun Salutations...

We had a great week, last week in HQ. Bear got some lovely emails and notes from new fans. It's always so lovely to hear from fans new or old of the project, 
just fills me and the boy's with joy and makes it all worth while! 
This spurred me into going back to our 'Bear Yoga' work and drawing his sun salutation, something that's been on my 'to do list' for ages. In real life this whole image put together stretches about 3 meters!

Recently I have also been working on some more character designs for Sophie's Umbrella. So here are some lively fun 'Sophie' images for a gloomy (as it is here in Devon) Monday. 

You can see more of Sophie on my new Facebook page please come and take a look.

Also last week I produced two new screen printed designs 'butterfly' and 'dragonfly' for my card range...

I hope you are all enjoying the work? 
Thanks to all the fan's for following be it on twitter or facebook. 

Have a great week everyone.

Danni x