6 May 2013

Happy Bank Holiday Monday

Here in the UK it's a bank holiday, and boy, have we been having a great weekend here at HQ!
I've had family visiting and so had the weekend off from work... which is always strange I always feel a little lost and guilty for not working! 
However once I'm settled with a nice book down the beach, in the sunshine and a lovely English picnic... I can feel it all release and just relax. 

Today however, I'm not sure how relaxed it will be as we will be getting the paddling pool out...
I hope where ever you are, 
the sun is shinning and you are having a great day!



Alexander Hoare said...

Hi! Just discovered your blog today and I think it's great.
I particularly like the illustration in this post for its energy and humour!

All the best,
Alex Hoare

Danni Bradford said...

Thanks Alexander :)